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Easy Form 2290

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Managing HVUT tax obligations is simple when filing Form 2290 online with us. The following are steps for the same: Create an account Enter key details such as Employer Identification Number (EIN), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and Weight of the vehicle and provide information about any suspended vehicles. The due date for filing is August 31st for the prior period, or by the end of the month following the first use of new vehicles. Prices begin at $7.95 and there are some benefits to e-filing such as quick processing, instant error checks, secure payment modes, and simple access to previous year files. Late filing leads to penalties; nevertheless multiple vehicles can be filed for and lost forms can be retrieved online. Payment methods accepted include EFW, EFTPS, credit/debit cards and checks/money orders. Amendments and refunds for overpayments can also be managed online, with our multilingual customer support available for assistance.

  • E-file Form 2290

    E-file Form 2290

    E-filing Form 2290 with us is quick, easy, and safe. Our online platform is designed to streamline the process for filing your heavy vehicle use tax(hvut). With just a few simple steps, you can submit your form securely and receive an immediate confirmation of submission.

  • How to efile 2290

    How to efile 2290

    To e-file Form 2290 with us, simply register on our platform, enter your vehicle and payment details, and submit your form. Receive your Schedule 1 within minutes for quick and efficient processing.

  • Get Schedule 1 in Minutes

    Get Schedule 1 in Minutes

    Get your Schedule 1 within minutes when you file with us. Our streamlined e-filing process ensures that you receive your Schedule 1 quickly and efficiently. Trust us to make the filing process fast and hassle-free so you can get back on the road without any delays.

  • IRS 2290 Amendments

    IRS 2290 Amendments

    Any change done to a previously filed return and filed again is called as an amended return. Form 2290 has a check box that needs to be selected, if the user wish to file an amended return.

What is 2290

What is 2290

Who is required to file Form 2290?

Truck owners and operators who own or operate a truck and are using a heavy highway vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more have to file Form 2290 so as to pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). This form must be filed in order to get Schedule 1 which acts as evidence that the payment was made (as required for registration of vehicles). Any changes in use or weight of the vehicle affecting the amount charged as tax should also be amended by submitting Form 2290. Timely HVUT filing and payment ensures IRS compliance and supports road maintenance.

Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Easy Form 2290 & IRS

IRS Form 2290 Due Date

If you've got trucks with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or greater and used on public highways then IRS Form 2290 for HVUT ought to be filed each year before August 31st. Read More

Form 8849 Schedule 6

Claim a refund of the excise tax that you overpaid by a mistake to the IRS. Claim credit on tax paid on vehicles that were sold, stolen or destroyed. Read More

Form 2290 Instruction

Form 2290 instructions refer to guidelines that are provided by IRS so as to complete and file form 2290.Read More


File Your Form 2290

Form 2290 is used to figure and pay the tax due on highway motor vehicles for any taxable period with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.It is much simpler and easier to file your 2290 through an IRS-approved software provider. 3 simple steps to file your form 2290 safe and secure online

  • 01
    Step One

    Gather the list of Resources you need to E-file Form 2290 (Employer Identification Number(EIN), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Taxable Gross Weight of the Vehicle). Remember you cannot use Your Social Security Number

  • 02
    Step Two

    Choose an Authorized Form 2290 E-file Provider

  • 03
    Step Three

    Choose your payment method   (Credit or Debit Card, Electronic Funds withdrawal, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System - EFTPS) and Pay

Finally you will receive your stamped Schedule 1 from
www.easyform2290.com via email after IRS accepts your Form 2290.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From the United States call: 866-699-4096 (toll free) From Canada or Mexico call: 859-669-5733 (not toll free)

Yes, the amended month can be the same as the month the vehicle was first used but not earlier than the month of first use.

The month in which is the Taxable Gross Weight or Mileage Use limit was exceeded

The Taxable Gross Weight of a vehicle is the sum of:- 1. Actual unloaded weight of the vehicle fully equipped for service, 2. Actual unloaded weight of any trailers or semi-trailers fully equipped for service customarily used in combination with the vehicle, 3. Weight of the maximum load customarily carried on the vehicle and on any trailers or semi-trailers customarily used in combination with the vehicle. Taxable Gross Weight = 1 + 2 + 3

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17 digit number containing alphanumeric characters. It can be found on /the/or Title and Registration certificate; or the Actual Vehicle.